The Story Of Girl, Interrupted

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Interrupted 1 Running Head: THE STORY OF GIRL, INTERRUPTED Girl, Interrupted Shelly L. Grimes University of Houston-Victoria Department of Guidance and Counseling Interrupted 2 Schizophrenia, personality disorders, self-injure, and eating disorders are just a few mental illnesses that affect our young adults today. "Girl, Interrupted"� touches on many of these disorders. Susanna Kaysen's purpose in writing this book is to demystify the mental hospital system. Kaysen documents disturbing facts such as her own suicide attempt and her admission to a mental hospital after only one visit to a psychiatrist. Her writing of this experience is a reexamination of the facts and of her memory of this time and place. The reader is hooked from the beginning of Kaysen's journey and stays mesmerized until the end. Because her journey from sane to insane is so foreign to most, this rendering gives a whole new perspective and insight into these types of illnesses which is, I believe, her true purpose in writing this book.

Kaysen does not wish to sensationalize or profit from her illness, instead, she tries to inform those who are living in another universe or real world to become aware of a darker world. The web site on schizophrenia that I visited (http:/ was full of information on the disease as well as help to families who are new to the illness. There are suggestions that help to deal with some of the fear, sorrow, and bewilderment that the contributors themselves have endured. This site has been developed as a guide for families when early signs indicate that a relative may have schizophrenia and as a resource for these families when a diagnosis of schizophrenia has been determined. Schizophrenia may develop so gradually that the family and even the person with the disease may not realize that...