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Financial Market Analysis FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis FINC20007

Executive summary

This report presents discussion about the global financial crisis effect on highly globalised financial markets. It is representing the globalization and integration of financial markets, financial crisis, effects overview, critically analyzing the effects of financial crisis and finally remedial action. The conclusion of the essay clarifies some key points and provides a personal reflection on the topic of the global financial crisis.

This financial crisis affected the credit market and shadow banking system, financial institution and public wealth effects which describe the different credit unions, financial institution and on the personal wealth effect with the figures and charts to clarify and analyze the effects on the financial market.

At last, the report provides few remedial actions to resolve the situation which caused by this financial crisis includes adopting tight fiscal policy, implementing low interest rates, conducting some microeconomic reforms and offering housing mortgage assistances to make sure that such disastrous crisis do not occur in the future again.


Table of Contents

11.0 Introduction �

22.0 Globalization and Integration of Financial markets �

22.1 Courses �

22.2 Benefits �

32.3 Negative influences �

33.0 Financial Crisis �

33.1 Introduction �

43.2 Courses and Processes �

44.0 Effects overview �

54.1 Effects on credit market and shadow banking system �

64.2 Effects in financial institutions �

74.3 Public Wealth effects �

85.0 Remedial actions �

95.1 Tight fiscal policy and low interest rates �

95.2 Microeconomic reforms �

95.3 Housing mortgages assistance �

106.0 Conclusion �

117.0 References �

128.0 Appendix �


1.0 Introduction

Financial crises have mediated the operation of financial markets over years. Most noticeably the great depression in 1929-30, the 1970s inflation crises and the banking crises in the 1990s created destruction in the financial markets...