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Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a company that is based off of customer and employee satisfaction. Since Riordan is a company that makes plastic for beverages their cliental would be based on different size companies. One of Riordan's missions is to "strive to be a solution provider for our customers and not be a part of our customers challenges" (Apollo Group, 2006). So as one strategic objective, Riordan would always try to satisfy the customers and always maintain that trust within the cliental. Another strategic objective is to stay ahead of the business. Since Riordan is leading the industry and setting the industry pace, Riordan has to maintain the industry excellence. The third strategic goal is to maintain the employee satisfaction. Riordan has to also gain the trust of their employees and keep him or her satisfied to continue to build cliental and keep a trustworthy relationship. The last strategic objective is to provide good services and products at a reasonable price so that it will be affordable.

Making the products and services affordable, will result in new clients and it will increase the revenue. As long as Riordan keeps its clients and employees satisfied and well maintained, the company will continue to succeed and bring in revenue.

Total quality management /strategic level objective"Total quality management is a management philosophy that seeks to integrate all organizational functions (marketing, finance, design, engineering, and production, customer service, etc.) to focus on meeting customer needs and organizational objectives. Based on Riordan's mission and goals total quality management is a natural fit for their organization to meet its goals. That is why Riordan has opted for a Six Sigma approach to business. Riordan is committed to continual improvement and open communication. Communication among and between all levels of the organization is a choice that Riordan's...