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DHL is the world's leading express and logistics company offering customers innovative and customised solutions from a single source. With global proficiency in solutions, express, air freight and overland transport DHL unites worldwide coverage with a profound understanding of local markets. DHL continues to be at the forefront of technology and, with over 170,000 dedicated employees, guarantees fast and reliable services aimed at exceeding customers' expectations. Total revenues in 2002 accounted for US$1,046 million in the U.S., and approximately US$5.8 billion worldwide. Based in Brussels, Belgium, DHL is 100% owned

by Deutsche Post World Net .

A mission statement must be specific enough to pin down a company's real business arena. (Strickland; Thomson, 2003) A strategically revealing mission statement incorporates three elements:

Customer needs, or what is being satisfied.

Customer groups, or who is being satisfied.

The company's activities, technologies and competencies, or how the enterprise goes about creating and delivering value to customers and satisfying their needs.

One of the roles of a mission statement is to give organization its own special identity, business emphasis and path for development- one that typically sets it apart from other similarly situated companies.

So, the three big questions to be answered here are:

Where are we now- current situation?

Where do we want to go?

How will we get there?

A strategic vision concerns a firm's future business path as to the kind of company it is trying to become and what customer needs are to be satisfied in the future.

The three elements of a strategic vision and making it a useful direction-setting tool are:

Coming up with a mission statement that defines what business the company is presently in and conveys the essence of "who we are, what do we do, and where we are now."

Using the...