What are the strengths and weaknesses of dualism and monism?

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Dualism and monism is a famous philosophy topic from ancient to now. The word "Dualism" means that our physical and our mental are independent. And our body and our mind cannot be the same. It is because of mind and body is two separate substances. In the contract, the "monism" means that both of the physical and mental are combined being one. And our mind and body are indivisible and are each influenced by the other. The monism and dualism individually has its strengths and weaknesses.

The mind and body problem can be divided into many different questions. We can consider or ask by ourselves that what is the mind? What is the body? And do both of them are co-existing, or does the mind only exist in the body? Or does the body only exist in the mind? Otherwise, we also will consider that if both the mind and body exist, and then there could be a number of types of relationships.

Maybe the mind will affect our body. Or maybe the body will affect our mind, or maybe the mind and body will both affect each other.

The dualism and monism has so many strengths and weaknesses points to argue by many famous philosophers and scientists. It is because of the mind and body problem still is hard to explain it. The reason is because of different people have different views to see these two theories. For example, the Christian philosophers will agree the dualism, because they believe that our body is "wrapping", and it will be "retired". But our soul will exist after we died. In the other hand, most scientists will believe monism by science's way. It is because they believe that mind and body can't be divided into two separate substances. Because of both of...