Stress Management

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Health and Fitness

3, April, 2004

Stress Management

Physical fitness and wellness go together; you can not have one with out the other. You can be in shape but not be well, just as you can be well and not be physically fit. There are safety rules you should follow when getting into shape or staying in shape. People are not all built the same nor have the same abilities to do exercises as one another. If a person has a condition such as diabetes, then they will not follow the same work out plan as a woman who is pregnant. Most injuries occur during the first six months of starting an exercise program. You can help prevent most of these injuries if you start out with a low impact exercise program, wear proper shoes, train on a soft surface and get proper treatment if you do become injured. RICE is a term that can help you remember how to care for an injury.

You should treat your injuries in this order, rest, ice application, compressions, and elevation. A good walking shoe should have a toe box to leave space for your toe, a good sole to absorb the shock your foot takes, a good support for your heel, and Achilles pad to help prevent sore tendons and blistering. Exercise intolerance is the inability to function during excise because of excessive fatigue or extreme feelings of discomfort. We can not forget that just because we get older that we do still need to exercise. By staying fit we can have a healthy aging process. During stress the organisms react to the stress causing event. During eustress you continue to perform even though there is stress. Distress is unpleasant or harmful which causes the health and performance to deteriorate.