Structure Paper for Crime and Punishment.

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Chapter One: The chapter introduces the reader to Rodion, the main character and a former student. We learn that he is in the process of planning the murder of Alyona Ivanovna, the pawnbroker. This chapter is all about him and his ideas of the crime.

Chapter Two: Rodion meets Semyon Zakharovitch Marmeladov. In this chapter the author focuses on Marmeladov's story of his problems with alcoholism and his problems with money. There is also mention about Marmeladov's daughter Sonya who is being forced onto the streets to make money for the family. Rodion secretly gives money to the family.

Chapter Three: In this chapter we are introduced to Rodion's living arrangements and his problems with his landlady. We also find out about his mother and sister and the problems that are going on with them. Rodion's family issues consume most of this chapter.

Chapter Four: Rodion decides that his sister must not marry Luzhin.

He is very unhappy with his mother and sister about the upcoming wedding. In this section we also see him worrying about a young girl who is in need of help.

Chapter Five: Rodion focuses much of his energy on planning the murder. He also has a dream that he hopes will help him in his crime.

Chapter Six: Rodion makes last minute preparations for the murder. In this chapter he focuses a lot of the fact that he will not get caught and the fact that this murder is not a crime at all.

Chapter Seven: Rodion commits the murder. He kills Alyona with an ax. Lizaveta returns early and he also kills her. Rodion is upset with anguish and in quite a frenzy after the murder.


Chapter One: Rodion is upset with himself for not locking the...