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Information technology-Refers to the electronic hardware and software used to process informationLAN-Local area networks-Allows computers to communicate information and share resourcesOrganizations-Use information technology to reduce time, save money, increase output and more money-Example, Banking has changed with the use of plastic cards, ATMS and EFTPOS.

System-Is a collection of parts that work together to achieve a purposeInformation System-It performs a set of information processes requiring participants, data/information and information technology.

-It performs the information processes of collecting, organizing, analyzing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving and displaying information.

- It is created for a purpose and operate in a particular environment.

EnvironmentEverything influences or is influenced by an information system and its purpose.

HardwareThe physical equipment involved in the process of informationComputerElectronic device that can process data5 Functions of a computerInput – entering data onto the computer such as mouse, keyboard, scannerControl – organizer that directs flow of data in the computerStorage – retaining data over a period of time.

Devices such as optical disks and flash memoryProcessing – changes data to produce information, performed by the CPUOUTPUT – display of data to a person or the transfer of data to another computer such as computer screens and printers.

Types of computersPersonal computer-aka micro computer-Single user computer that usually sits on a desktop such as laptop or notebookMidrange computer-Also known as mini computer-Commonly used for accounting-Performs the processing for number of users working at terminalsMainframe computer-More powerful than midrange computer-Central computer for large number of usersSuper computer –-Most fastest-Most expensive-More powerful for applications requiring high volume and speed.

SoftwareDetailed instructions used to direct the hardware to perform a particular task•Systems software – manages and controls the hardware so the application software can perform the required task•Applications software – computer programs allows the computer to achieve the task for...