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Business to Business Marketing

Negotiation Project

Lecturer: Nigel Bairstow

Prepared by: Yan,Chen (Shannon)

Student ID: 10110423

Retailer Representative: Yan Chen (Shannon)

Manufacturer Representative: Jia Li (Wendy)

Date: 03/04/2004

Place: Gloria Jean's Coffees

Start Time: 1:00pm

Finish Time: 5:00 pm


I am glad to present our firm to negotiate with Wendy, the representative of Sydney shirts about a number of issues concerned by both parties. The joint agreement reached in this negotiation may operate a series of important and far-reaching influences towards the relationship between our firm and Sydney shirts. Thus, the mission of this negotiation is to solidify and reinforce a long-term business partner relationship with Sydney shirts.

We are not the only retailer of Sydney shirts, which is one of the most popular local brands with numerous loyal customers. Due to the intense competition in the retailing industry, building a more tied relationship with manufacturers, especially like Sydney shirts with a reputable brand image, will assist our firm in improving our store's attractiveness and desirability to customers.

Keep this in mind, during the entire process of negotiation, I will not only focus on immediate monetary benefit and return, but also reaching a long-term win-win commitment.

Issues and Agreements

This negotiation last four hours and reach five agreements that I will summarize as follows. Both Wendy and I joined the negotiation with a professional and cooperative attitude. Thus, a tense but friendly atmosphere dominated through the entire process of negotiation.

Issue 1

The first issue that Wendy got on the table is asking us to increase the minimum quantity order at one time from 500 units to 800 units. This will result in 3 cents per unit cost increase and around 5 cents per unit distribution cost decrease assuming our overall ordering level remains constant.

Agreement: I agreed...