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A survey is made to seek out information about actual conditions or events. Firstly the main area of investigation has to be decided, followed by the methods to carry out the survey e.g. at someone's residence, on a face-to-face basis, through the phone etc. A survey can be conducted among the parents of children to find out their daily intake and if they are aware of the food additives present in their child's foods.

Suggested methods for carrying out a survey.

i. Decide: What information is required

How to obtain the information

How to record it

ii. Carry out the survey

iii. Draw conclusions and present them in an appropriate way.


This is a type of survey in which specially prepared lists of questions are made to obtain quantitative data and opinions from people. This is of 2 types:

- Parents may be asked to complete the questionnaire themselves or

- An interviewer may put the questions to them.

E.g. A questionnaire can be distributed to parents to find out if they prepare home cooked food or food that is commercially prepared.

Suggested methods for compiling and using a questionnaire

i. Decide what information is required.

ii. Design questions to obtain the information.

iii. Design a suitable form on which to record the answers.

iv. Select a sample of people to be questioned.

v. Ask the questions and record the answers.

vi. Analyze the answers.

vii. Draw conclusions and present them in an appropriate way.

Advantages of questionnaires

i. Detailed qualitative information can be gathered about the product or service.

ii. Customer's opinions about the product or service can be obtained.

Disadvantages of questionnaires.

i. If questions are not well thought out, the answers to them will not be very accurate. It may be very misleading for...