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Raman Kathuria

Ms. Filice/4th

World Literature

5 June 2014

World Literature Final Project

Most of our Literature Unit revolved around a few main Core themes. We have done many in-depth activities on these themes from creating a presentation about one of the themes or creating a poster with specific examples of people that fit the selected theme. The problem is that the specific examples that we selected were all main characters of books or history topics that we read or learned about. Many of the books that we read included supporting characters that fit these themes, some great examples being Major Rügemer and the Mirabal Sisters.

Major Rügemer was a Nazi Major who was located in Europe during WWII and had employed Irene Gut Opdyke, the main character of In My Hands and assisted Jews in their time of need. However, the Major did not portray the Core theme with Irene but with another Nazi with who he worked often, SS Chief Rokita.

Not only did Major Rügemer hire Irene, he also employed many Jews to do various jobs around a hotel in which they worked. In this hotel, Major Rügemer would often have lunch with Rokita in which they discussed various Nazi things. One day though, the topic of the Jews working in his hotel arose. The Major was concerned with the fact that many of his Jews were disappearing and had to be replaced. During this time period, it was common for Jews to be deported to Ghettos or directly to Concentration Camps. While the Nazi's were the ones deporting the Jews, Major Rügemer was obviously uneasy with the fact that they were. He constantly pestered Rokita about them being deported, however did nothing more. Rokita gave the same...