Supporting Our Children- Parent Involement

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Supporting Our Children

In today's modern society there has been a dramatic increase in single parenting, specifically single mothers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, nationally, there were about 5.8 million single mothers in the work force, and 1.9 million single fathers in 2001. As women are growing into major positions, such as, making partners at law firms, business owners, and being appointed to important roles in the government, they are making more money. Although there is a necessity for both parents, the women of today has proven that it is possible to do it alone. Many single parent mothers are taking on the role of a mother, father, mentor, tutor, friend, student, and a competitor in today's career world. Yet there are still expectations of the fathers of the children that are left alone with their mothers. Many single mothers expect the fathers of their children to provide monetary support, emotional support, and to act as a "family man."

Many single mothers are striving to provide the best care and education for their children, by working two or more jobs, and attending college or a trade school. This fact does not eliminate the necessity of monetary support from the baby's father(s). The fathers, who helped create their children, should also be held responsible for supporting them. Over the past several collecting monetary support from fathers has been a serious problem. The government recognized this problem and created harsher laws to encourage fathers to begin or to continue to their fatherly duties. States around the country are using various methods to help collect child support payments, such as, utilizing computer technology, suspending drivers licenses, posting Top 10 "Deadbeat Dads" list on the Internet, as well as contracting enforcement work with private collection agencies. Carmelita Miller, author of Privatization...