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Systems Thinking in RecruitingToday's corporate and private business organizations must make swift, sound decisions to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. The proper use of critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making tools is vital to strategic, tactical, and operational planning (Shireman, 1999). Systems thinking is growing in popularity and importance as companies seek broader solutions to more complex business problems. If managers expand their thinking about systems to include system components in a holistic approach, they will have a more affluent set of resources to draw upon and help their organization solve issues (Jackson, 2006). Let us see how General Mills' Recruiting Department measures up to this methodology.

This writer has been onsite as a consultant for the past nine months at General Mills (GMI). With ten years of professional recruiting experience, she was brought in to assist in the hiring of experienced professionals within the Innovation, Technology & Quality organization of GMI.

This paper will explore the mission of the recruiting department, the interactions of recruiting throughout GMI, the challenges and effectiveness of the current thinking process, and finally recommendation for process improvements to align thinking to a more systems based approach. So how is GMI's recruiting department doing?MissionGeneral Mills' mission is:As a global leader in the food industry, General Mills is committed to making a difference in the lives of our consumers, our customers, our investors, our employees and our communities. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do, from advertising to food safety. We know that every relationship is based on trust and integrity. It is a trust that we are unwilling to break. (

In order to accomplish this mission, GMI must hire the right individuals into the right roles in a reasonable timeframe. That responsibility has become...