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When a child turns eighteen and goes into the world alone, nothing is more important to them than their goals and moral values. These values are usually acquired through the teachings of their parents. Most parents also set goals and expectations for their children as well. At the age of eight, I discovered that my goals and expectations were different than those of my friends. Unlike my friends, I was raised by Asian-American parents. My parents wanted me to win the spelling bee, to be the next piano prodigy, go to the library religiously, and receive a high GPA and SAT score so ultimately I will be able to attend a prestigious university. Unfortunately, I could not fulfill some of the goals my parents set for me. No matter how hard I tried, I kept on failing one attempt after another. My childhood was a never-ending journey to satisfy parents.

I was born in Vallejo, California, but my parents were living in San Francisco at the time. Around the age of four, we moved to Hong Kong because my dad had some business there. While I was in Hong Kong, I had no choice but to attend school there because children had to start school at an early age of four. Hong Kong's educational systems there were different than the United States. The schools there also had different customs such as assigning a lot of homework every night, allowing teachers to use physical force against the students, punishing students by doing tedious choirs like sweeping the floors and washing windows and a regular school day was from six in the morning to three in the afternoon. I remember the first day of school; it was extremely hard especially for a four year old. The teacher had asked every student to...