A Tale of Two Cities

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Write a brief character sketch of Madame Defarge. Do you think she is justified in wanting Lucie and her family executed?I believe that Madame Defarge is justified in wanting Lucie and her family executed even if it became insanity. Madame Defarge is a stout thirty year old woman, who is married to Ernest Defarge. Madame Defarge is part of the Jacquerie, joined with her husband, and knits the names of all the nobility and spies who should be condemned to death. Madame Defarge was brought into the world as a peasant of the Marquis family. Madame Defarge was very unlucky as a young girl because of witnessing the death of her family because of the Marquis' "power". Madame Defarge's older sister, one day, was taken away by one of the Marquis men who decided that she should be his even though she had already been married. Using his "power" the Marquis took her away from her family and raped her because now she was his property.

The Marquis became aware of the family's distress and eventually killed the family all except Madame Defarge because she was taken into hiding to be saved. This man was Charles Darnay's father. The insanity of hatred coming from Madame Defarge is fueled by this event in her life and believes she is right for trying to condemn Lucie and her family to death because they are now part of the Marquis family by the means of marriage between Lucie and Darnay. Madame Defarge is seeking revenge for her family and wants to make sure this happens to make things "right" for herself.

Cite incidents in the novel to support this theme: As a force of nature, love is stronger than hate.

The theme of as a force of nature, love is stronger...