Tale Of Two Cities

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Lost and Found, Times Two A theme of the book A Tale of Two Cities that is a metaphor for my life is Dr. Manette being held captive as a helpless shoemaker, being found by his long lost daughter, and having a relapse of his old ways when a bad time arose. These actions involving Dr. Manette are similar to my struggles with my faith. Just like Dr. Manette, I was held captive and helpless, I was found by a long lost friend, and I also had a bad relapse of my old ways.

Many years before Lucie realized her father was alive, Dr. Manette had been wrongfully taken prisoner by the French, and held captive. He was made to do the work of a shoemaker and became entrapped in his working like it was all he knew. "Because he has lived so long, locked up, that he would be frightened-rave-tear himself to pieces-die-come to I know not what harm-if his door was left open"(Dickens 32).

That quote by Monsieur Defarge told of Dr. Manette's dependency to his cell, his home. Just as Dr. Manette was a captive of his shoemaking world, I was captive of my unfaithful world. For many years I had been lost in religion, not knowing what I believed of if there was anything I should believe in. My disbelief was to the point where I would denounce God and all the bad things that happened to me would be blamed on Him. I was doing things that were not of a Godly quality, but of the opposite nature. It was like I was helplessly lost in an agnostic world.

The imprisonment and dependency ended when Dr. Manette was rescued by his daughter Lucie, and her long-time "trustee", Mr. Lorry. Mr. Lorry had been notified of...