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Our life has been greatly influenced and changed by advances in modern technology. Since the dawn of man humans have invented and used tools to help them survive and make life easier. Now, in the year two thousand, technology is advancing at an incredible speed. Almost everyday something new is discovered or invented. These technological advances are mainly for the good of human kind, and have only improved our world for the better. However, some people seem to think that our technology is only setting us back, and that the world would have been a better place without all the high-tech gismos that are in our world today.

        To some extent this is true. The world now is far more polluted than it was two hundred years ago. It can be said that this is all because of technology. The invention of the combustion engine has greatly increased the levels of carbon dioxide in our environment.

Without the combustion engine the world would be a cleaner place to live in. For example, look at Mexico City or New York City. The amount of pollution in the air is so high that it is really hard to breathe. If automobiles did not exist then pollution would not be as high.

But is technology really to blame for all this? No. Back in ancient Mesopotamia the first cities were filthy. The regular garbage from homes was dumped on the streets, it smelled bad and it was not healthy to live there. Then how are we living is cities now and with more garbage made by more people? This is all because of great advances in technology. People have thought of ways to deal with the problem. We now have automobiles, airplanes, and other quick modes of transportation. With the help of these...