Technology and Marketing Information Systems for Endless Sound Company (Imaginary Company)

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Endless Sound

The company I have decided on is called Endless Sound. We specialize in custom made guitars. Our guitars are unique and made exactly how the customer wants it. We also have pre-made guitars setting out on display and people may buy them if they desire. We have a lot of competition in this market. There are music store on every street and in every city.

Marketing Information

The 2000 guitar database website has a list of the 2000 different guitars and the specifications on all of them. The competition in the guitar market is very large. There are thousands of different guitars and accessories to go with them. This website shows how much competition we will be facing in this market and shows how other guitar companies market their guitars.


This website shows how to market your products to the customers to be successful. It has a diagram that shows the steps to follow and how to follow them.

Each step has an in-depth explanation on the proper way to do it. It has good information on marketing and the proper ways to market products.


The bloodhound website shows a few different internet sites to market on. There are several different ways to market products on the internet. The internet has seven new people that start using the internet every minute. The internet has the largest consumer base of all marketing types combined. You can market worldwide on the internet and have people from around the world contact you for your products.


This website shows statistic in everyway you would need in order to find your target marketing group. It shows the brand and type of guitar people like to play. It has good accurate graphs that show all of the types,