Technology and Society

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Technologies have had many pro and cons towards us as a society. It has saved lives and it also has taken them as well. We have scorched our earth with chemical waste and pollution, but in contribution to mans best efforts, we have made it a better place to live as well.

Nonetheless, we have made great strides in our future. People are living longer and stronger lives than ever before. The inventions of life-saving machines and devices have added days and even years to peoples lives. There is the possibility that one day people in suspended animation, due to technological advancements, will allow doctors to choose when and how to operate. For the people that are not familiar with technology and its uses, it may be their downfall. If automation takes control of the farmlands and labor of people, how will they feed their families?

With the advancing of technology, people are finding cheap labor and more efficient means of employment through outsourcing in other countries.

I think it's a swell idea, but it weakens our countries standard of living. As families seek employment, they end up short because of the fact they can't find work. Then again there is the fear of new discoveries that will end certain labor and trades through automation and specialized machines.

Great, if you want to save the company, but what or who will save the people?