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Teenage pregnancy is one of the few issues that most people are on the same page about. In the United States at least, there is almost a universal agreement it seems that teenage pregnancy is a negative thing, and should be discouraged. When determining the predictors of unplanned teen pregnancy, one must take into consideration the economic factors such as education and accessibility resources, and one's environment, (Haskins& Sawhill, 2007). It is important to study these factors in order to gain a better understanding of teen pregnancy, and to raise awareness about this societal issue.

Teenage pregnancy has an huge impact on social, emotional, economic.pshysical and psychological issues. A pregnancy should be an exciting time in a women life. She should have lots of support for family and friends(Haskins& Sawhill, 2007). For a teen girl this experience is quite different. There is often a lack of approval and a sense of shame felt be the teenage mother, The stigma results in having less of a chance of these girls establishing postve self images as mother figures and the children suffers the consequences(Haskins& Sawhill, 2007).

Yet society encourages dating and sexual expression from an early age but,when a teen girl has a baby the commuinty shuns them. Teen mothers are often the outcome of proverty and depend on federal asssitance. They nned support in accessing resources. They need housing,education, and training in order to compete in society(Haskins& Sawhill, 2007).

This student proposes to develop a teen pregnancy impowerment group at the Open Pantry Teen Living Program in Springfield MA. The Teen Parent Program (TPP),is a program developed by the Open Pantry Community Services. It is a residential program for teenage parents and their children who are pregnant or parenting teens and in need of a safe place to live .The Open...