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There are many times when people feel they have experienced some type of discrimination. People experience discrimination because of their religion, gender, income, and ethnicity. Another reason women may experience discrimination is because she is a young single mother. There is a universal stereotype of unwed mothers. Many people automatically assume that she is going to be on welfare for the rest of her life, never finish school, and not be able to take care of her child. Sure there are some cases where this assumption is true, but it does not apply to everyone. Many young unwed mothers experience some type of betrayal, discrimination, and fear.

When my friend was seventeen years old, a month away from starting her senior year in high school, she found out she was pregnant. After my friend found out that she was pregnant, she went to all of her friends and talked to them, they told her that they would be there for her if she ever needed a shoulder to lean on or to just talk.

She asked them not to tell anyone that she was pregnant because she had not told her parents yet. The next day she went she went into work and she overheard her friend telling the owner and another co-worker that she was pregnant. When her friend realized she was standing there, the look on her face was as if she had just seen a ghost. Then her friend tried to come up with a million and one reasons as to why she told the owner, and kept apologizing repeatedly. When my friend went in to talk to her boss about her situation he just sat there with no expression on his face, and seemed as if he was uncomfortable, and irritated that she was...