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The values that the youth of today obtain and cherish are often in link with modern technology because they have to adapt to this technologically advanced and fast paced world. The values usually have significant changes in their lives that change their futures. Although most youths have the same base values, there are different values for different groups of youth including a long yet excellent education or a short but poorer education. Nonetheless, the values of youth can be categorized as education, relationships, and entertainment.

As society moves on, the Universities are expecting a higher and higher percentage, and at the same time, younger and younger grade. Because of the vast amount of competition, many youths give up and even end their education at a young age to find a job and support themselves, while others stay in school and try their best to compete. Both values have their own advantages and disadvantages yet the ones who value their education usually have a more successful career.

There are many relationships during the time of maturity and puberty, such as the relationship with their parents, their siblings, and their boyfriend or girlfriend. Even though many parents try to help their child the best they could, many youths think it is not "cool" to shop with their parents or hug them in public. The youths tend not to value their friends more, yet they like to show it more openly when they are with their friends rather than their parents because it is the "norm" to do so. The most important relationship that the youth face for the first time is a romantic one. Many youths might say they value their boyfriend/girlfriend, yet sooner or later, they will realize that will not be the case until much longer. Many...