Telecommuting Increases Productivity

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Telecommuting Increases Productivity

Telecommuting, also known as work-from-home, is a common practice among many business firms. In many articles, authors claim that telecommuting makes noticeable contribution to companies, increasing productivity by around 15%-50%. However, to some CEOs, telecommuting is not an attractive option. They think that most people exaggerate the significance of telecommuting because they worry about losing direct control over the employees. Actually, telecommuting can significantly increase productivity because it can not only boost employee morale but also strengthen internal connection. In this paper, we will discuss how telecommuting positively impacts productivity and to what extent telecommuting makes significant contribution.

First, telecommuting can effectively boost employee morale in the workplace. For one thing, telecommuting reduces employees stress by lowering work-family conflict. Companies always have a high percentage of employees with family. Studies reveal that quite a lot of employees complain about feeling stressed out because they do not have enough time to accompany their family.

Working from home enables employees balance their life, and employees therefore can save time on the way to office and spend more time with family. For another thing, telecommuting gives employees higher autonomy which allows them to have more flexible working schedule. According to Nicholas Bloom (2014), a professor of economics at Stanford University, "office is actually a distracting place, and at home people don't experience what we call the 'cake in the break room' effect. People at home worked more hours. They started earlier, took shorter breaks, and worked until the end of the day. They had no commute. They didn't run errands at lunch".

Second, telecommuting can strengthen a company's internal connection. It is very easy to understand the influence. If a company is engaged in international business or has a high percentage of international employees, telecommuting will be an ideal...