The Tell-Tale Heart

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In the story, "The Tell-Tale Heart"� by Edgar Allan Poe, it shows how a man's own mental problem destroys him. The main character's conflict with himself made him show his problems when he believed that the old man's eye resembled a vulture's eye. He called it the Evil Eye because it makes his blood run cold. I personally believe that he has a mental problem and that he was sick because why would a person watch another person sleep before he kills him? I do not think that killing him would have solved anything.

The death of the old man starts to haunt the main character, which reveals his conflict with himself. He believes that he hears the beating of the old man's heart get louder and louder. I believe that it is partly the main character's guilt that causes him to hear the heartbeat.

He feels that the police are on to him, so his guilt causes him to confess. I kind of believe that he would have gotten away with the murder, if he were not having a conflict with himself.

I personally feel that in life, everyone eventually has to face oneself. In this story, the main character must face his conscience. His mind makes him see the man's eye as evil, which leads him to kill.