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Title: Tex Author: S.P. Hinton Theme: People change and no matter how hard you try, friendships dont last forever.

characters: Tex McCormic - Main character, falls in love with Jamie, learns that life is complicated, and gets shot.

Pop - Tex's dad, not a good person.

Mason McCormis - Tex's older brother who acts as a father figure. Mason takes care of Tex because their father is always at Rodeo's.

Jamie Collins - Johnny's little sister, Tex's girlfriend Johhny Collins - Tex's best friend Cole Collins - Father of Johhny and Jamie, Cole Collins doesnt like Tex or Mason.

Lem Peters - Tex and Mason's friend who is a drug dealer. Lem's wife had a baby in the story.

Setting: Garyville Oklahoma Quote: "There are people who go places and people who stay.." - Tex I think this means that some people decide to do something for themselves so they go off on their own, make a life of their own, and take reponsibility for their actions.

Other people decide to stay where they are and live a life that they know is secure butisnt what they could have achieved if they would've tried harder.

Plot: 1. Negrido is sold 2. Pop comes home 3. Tex gets shot 4. Tex discovers that Pop isn't his real father 5. Mason receives a scholarship for college, decides to stay and take care of Tex, but Tex insists that he take the scholarship and says that he can take care of himself.