The Theory Of Evolution

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1. How are the forelimbs of early mammals similar? a. Similar in structure but functions are different b. Comparative Morphology 2. What is pelvic girdle? a. A set of bones which hind legs attach b. Python has pelvic girdle but no legs, humans have legs no tail 3. What is true of the lowest strata geologically when referring to fossils? a. The deeper the layer, the older it is b. Deepest layers formed first 4. What is true of the creationist thinking in the early 1800's? a. One time in creation the world was populated with all the species b. A global catastrophe destroyed many, survivors repopulated the world c. Theory of catastrophism 5. Where was Darwin's voyage and how did it impact him? a. Voyage of the Beagle, to the Galapagos islands (5 years around the world) b. Theory of uniformity - the earth change over many millions of years, not thousands 6.

What was the theory that George Cuvier was a proponent of? a. The world had all the species at one time a catastrophe killed many, survivors repopulated the world b. Theory of Catastrophism 7. What is Lamarck's theory of acquired characteristics about? a. Changes within the individual, not in the species b. "Fluida" changes the body parts 8. What did Lyell do to influence Darwin? a. Argued that catastrophes had less affect on the earth b. Subtle changes - a view that lead to the theory of uniformity and the theory of evolution 9. What organisms did Darwin base most of his theory of evolution on? a. Finches due to the many different species and how their bills have adapted to their environments 10. What are sources of new alleles in a population? a. Mutation - gene mutation (produces new alleles) b. Crossing over at meiosis...