The Things They Carried

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"The Things They Carried"� Henry Dobbins carried many things while fighting in the Vietnam War. He carried a M-60 along with ten to fifteen pounds of ammo to match his M-60. Henry then carried his girlfriend's pantyhose and finally he carried a Black Flag Insecticide. Along with those items, he carried some personal food of his preference (peaches over pound cake). The things they carried distinguished each person in that Henry Dobbins believed in carry a personal item and then he believed in carrying items that made him more protected or confident in himself.

He carried all of those items for many reason. He carried that M-60 and ten to fifteen pounds of ammo to make himself feel more comfortable and prepared for anything to happen during the war. Henry then carried his girlfriend's pantyhose for three reasons. First, it is a small and weightless item that can be taken anywhere.

Second, it was an item that he could remember from his girlfriend and all the things they did together. Finally, he carried those pantyhose for a sense of pride among his peers. He wanted to show them how much of a man he was. He then carried insecticide because the bugs and flies were really bad while trying to fight in a war. Finally, he carried extra rations because Henry is a big man with a big stomach to filled. He also carried extra food because the food provided by the military was not that great and each individual did not receive that much.

I agree with the items that Henry Dobbins carries. The only thing that I would consider doing is cut down the amount of amount of ammo he is carrying and I would cut down the amount of extra food he is carrying. I...