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Final Thinking Critical Simulation ReviewFor our final project each group member had to give their our own perspective of this assignment. Everyone has their own perspective how they perceive different situations in life. Just like this scenario of what would or could happen if certain things were to happen, what would you do is the question and how would you react. It's like a deer jumping out in front of you while your driving, you have no warning it just happens and how you react is up to you. Everyone had their own input on this scenario and how they perceived it.

Amy's ReviewWhen reviewing she noticed that it said basically that they take turns being in charge for awhile. For about 5 months they are each in charge and at the end she awards them with a career. So basically you are a temporary for while to see what you bring to the table.

That seems to be what most business's do now a days. They like to hire through temp agencies to see what a person brings to the table. Because used to they would hire people and they wouldn't work out and then they would have to fire them. This way they get to see what type of worker you are and if they don't like you then they call your temp agencies and say that your assignment has ended.

The bad thing with this group of people competing for this job is that different things in the economy can play a role on if your going to reach your sales and offer everything you can to this company. Like for instance last year when the economy was at its peak their were tons of people that lost their jobs at different companies and am sure lots...