Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper

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University of PhoenixMGT/445 - Organizational NegotiationsNovember 23, 2009 ElysePossible StrategiesMediation is the best option to go with when dealing with a company dispute between two individuals who work together. Joe Gibbons is currently the vice president and general manager of the desk assembly plant and when he retires, which is presumed soon, Charles Stewart is to take the position. The most recent decision-making, which is a five-year plan, was not being taken into consideration with both Gibbons and Stewart. The plan was being set by only Gibbons, which in turn could become detrimental because Stewart would have to work with the five-year plan to make the company successful either during the five-year plan or after. This plan should be set by both parties and seeing as this is not what is happening mediation seems to be the only way to acquire both parties working together as one.

Stabilizing the setting occurs when an individual presents that both the parties get together so that they can speak about the miscommunication that is being presented.

This helps the mediator to see what is going on and be more of the neutral party to help in making the solution become understandable. "The next step would be to help the parties communicate (Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders, 2006; p. 561)." Once the foundation has been established, on each individual's feelings, than the mediation process can move forward in making a solution. "With the mediators help, this mutual ventilation lets them hear each other's side of the story, perhaps for the first time (Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders, 2006; p. 561)." The third step may still be a frustrating negotiation but is set to help the parties negotiate a plan. "With these conditions, the parties may be willing to cooperate, but still fell driven to compete (Lewicki,