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Time Management Paper #2 Basically from my time management graph, I have learned there are a lot of things that I need to look at differently and I realized how much of my day I waste. It was really neat but depressing to realize what I do with the 24-hour time span and to physically see what I am doing.

I spend the majority of my days sleeping (34%) and doing leisure time (20%). I can understand the sleeping percentage but I would feel better about myself if the other top percentage were to be studying or something more productive. I am fortunate that I do not have to work this year of college because my parents do not want me worrying about fitting a work schedule into my days as well because I am not well prepared to manage my days yet. It is kind of bothersome that I do not spend any of my hours spiritually.

This is something I would like to work on because I am a big believer in my religion and would like to dedicate more than a couple of minutes a day to God.

The biggest obstacle is going to be spending more time on studying and preparing for classes altogether. I am in college to receive and education and actually learn something not what I can be doing on vacations or on my time off from school like leisure. I do though already feel like I am off to a better start than last semester and I have a better understanding of what it is going to take to do a lot better this semester, not only in school, but in my stressful situations and help solve my time management problem.

I do though realize what it is going to take to...