The title of this essay is Small business development of Fair Fast food restaurant, which is concerned about how Fair fast food restaurant successfully develop from a small business to a big industry.

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Title: Small business development of Fair Fast food restaurant

Executive summary

This report covers the content that analysis of the Fair fast food restaurant is how to successfully operate and survive in the cutthroat market as a small business starter. Fast food and organized catering is nothing new to Hong Kong. Through SWOT analysis, we may easily find that Fair fast food had 12 years history in Hong Kong fast food industry and it is well-known as serving mainly Chinese food and its menu is frequently changed with seasonal favorites; secondly, it sufficiently concentrates on employees' development in order to improve their work performance; further more, the cost of raw materials and shipping can also be reduced through economies of scale; lastly, its' menu design is outstanding and designed around four time segments to cater for different needs of customers. However, Fair fast food always gives the customers the images that it is a copycat, always copy the food recipe either from café de carol; further more, it suffered food quality control and financial financial instability.

Upon the aspects of external environment analysis, the Fair fast food has positive condition like increasing "Not cooking" young couples, economic downturn period, food preference of younger and teenagers, its' ascendant location in Kowloon, and Hong Kong is an attractive traveling city will make more opportunities for Fair fast food to develop. However, some external impediments as natural disaster and keen competition in catering industry will threateningly cumber its development.

The part of enlightening from interview and analysis can easily obtain that the Fair fast food restaurant has been successfully developing from one outlet to 11 outlets today due to their management philosophy that always follows the basic rules like automation, fast, and Utilization of proper resources; further more, its management Concentrates on...