Top Ten Places To Visit in Ancient Rome.

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10 The Roman Walls

Strong defenses are an important part of the Roman empire, so forts are built at strategic locations throughout the countryside from which troops patrol.

9 The Catacombs

Come see the subterranean burial place for Christians where cremation was preformed.

8 The Forum

Visit the administrative and corporate heart of Rome. The Forum is where business, judicial, civic, and religious activities are conducted. It is surrounded by temples, shops, and basilicas.

7 The Roman Baths

Come relax, clean and meet with friends at the Roman baths. First you can go to the unctuarium where you can get oil rubbed into your skin, and then exercise in one of the exercise yards. From there you can move to the tepidarium or warm room where you can lie around and chat with friends. Next, you can go to the caldarium, a hot and steamy bath where you sit and perspire while you scrape off dead skin with a strigil.

There are attendants available who serve snacks and drinks. Finally, you take a dip in the calidarium, the hot bath, and the frigidarium, the cold bath.

6 Pompeii

In 62 A.D., a terrible earthquake destroyed the city of Pompeii. Those who survived this first disaster were in the process of rebuilding the city when a second disaster occurred; the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. In 79 A.D., flames from the volcano shot into the sky, and an immense black cloud covered the sun. For three days, volcanic matter rained down on Pompeii, making a blanket of fifteen to twenty feet over the area. The survivors who may have first escaped the eruption were soon killed by poisonous gas.

5 Palatine Hill

Come visit Palatine Hill, the site of the Lupercal, the cave where the founders of Rome, Romulus and...