Topic: Speculate on how many mothers today (in different forms) that are similar to the mother in this story. Explain the form of their similarities

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Have you ever wondered how many mothers today that do not longer have the 'mother figures' or do not do their duties as real mothers? I bet, you wouldn't guess it right or not even close. In 'The Rocking Horse Winner', D.H. Lawrence created a character of a mother who was cold, abhorrent, negligent, and heartless. Her mental pressure of being dissatisfied, becoming fretful, and not feeling fulfilled with what she had already achieved had negatively influenced her only son into a little 'devil' who was overly obsessed to get 'luck' through gambling and transformed her own house into a kind of hell where there were always irritating whisperings heard "There must be more money"! Instead of trying to be a good mother, she focused herself in keeping up her public image among her neighborhood. That was why she always pretended to "love" her children where in reality, she did not; she was a hypocrite.

In the present day, I have personally observed a lot of mothers who are similar to the mother in this story. They are the 'heavily abusive' mother, the 'career-dogged' mother, and the 'school-grade tracker' mother, and they are basically the types of mothers who do not care more or less about their families but themselves.

What would be your first impression when you heard that a mother ruthlessly beat her own child? I believe that most of you will definitely curse her vicious, violent action. How serious the fault that children make, the action of physical throbbing is not always be the best way to teach them the right thing. The heavily abusive mothers are very much alike with the mother in "The Rocking Horse Winner" especially in the way they act hypocritically in front of other people, while treating their...