Tops Friendly Markets Case Study

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TOPS Friendly Markets Case Study

Principles of Marketing



TOPS Friendly Markets is a supermarket chain that is found in the western and central regions of New York and in north Pennsylvania. There are a few supermarket retailers located in Vermont and Ohio as well (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.). It is originally based out of Williamsville, New York. It operates over 133 full service supermarkets in total. Each of these companies serve as strategic business units for the overall corporation TOPS. There are approximately 13,000 associates within the TOPS Friendly Markets work force (TOPS Your Neighborhood Store with More, n.d.).

Analysis of the company's structure externally and internally was conducted and a strategic plan was formulated to best fit TOPS Friendly Markets and to outline ways to conduct this company so it is at optimal success. Specific parts of the analysis included identifying the primary and secondary targets of TOPS Friendly Markets.

Analyzing further, specific target groups were formulated with the most influential target group being families. There was then research conducted to compare the position of TOPS within the market in relation to its major competitors. In addition to looking at positional standpoints within the market, the overall market size was determined and data compiled to analyze the market share of TOPS as well as its competitors market shares.

Although there has been tremendous growth for this company in recent years there is always room for improvement. Specific recommendations were formulated for improving both their management and their marketing techniques. Further research was then conducted to figure out ways in which to implement these recommendations at each store location and at the corporate level. Each recommendation was then analyzed to make sure it is reasonable, attainable, and would ultimately lead to TOPS Markets gaining a...