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Tourism Research

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1.0 Summary-----------------------------------------------------------------------------1

2.0 Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------1

3.0 Why we need to tourism marketing------------------------------------------2

4.0 The 'Bloody Hell need tourism marketing'--------------------------------- 3

4.1 What is it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------3

4.2 What they want to do------------------------------------------------------ 3

4.3 Marketing research as an integral activity-----------------------------3

4.4 What is the target------------------------------------------------------------3

What is the problem --------------------------------------------------------4

4.6 What effects it has -----------------------------------------------------------4

5.0 There is nothing like Australia-------------------------------------------------5

5.1 What is it -----------------------------------------------------------------------5

5.2 How to do it----- --------------------------------------------------------------5

5.3 Success or not -----------------------------------------------------------------6

5.4 Why it can be success--------------------------------------------------------6

6.0 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------8

7.0 Reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------8�

1.0 Summary

Australia government believes that tourism will drive the economic development. Tourism is an important contributor to the economy and sustainable development of regional areas in Australia. The 'Bloody Hell' campaign was started by the Australian Government in 2006 to increase the tourist inflow into the country.

Australian Destination Marketing Organisation wants to use the ordinary person's mouth to tell other international tourists their own special culture and animation in order to ensure them achieving the target what they want to attract more visitors. They look at Australia as a group. The different people just show the different part of the group. But critics point out that inbound numbers from the three countries where the ad was especially prominent (UK, Japan and Germany) had all fallen. And then Tourism Australia said that a new advertising campaign would be launched very soon and that proper care would be taken to avoid any controversies in its future campaigns. It is 'There is nothing like Australia '. Australians responded by uploading nearly 30,000 stories and photos towww.nothinglikeaustralia.com. These stories now sit within an interactive, digital map of Australia, giving tourists around the world ideas and...