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Toyota Motor Sales


Toyota Motor Corporation Overview

Automotive Industry Overview

SWOTT Analysis

GDP Impacts for Toyota

Economic Indicator Overview

Automotive Economic Indicators


Personal Income

Foreign Exchange Rates

Auto Sales

Interest Rates

Unemployment Rate

Automotive Economic Indicator Forecast

Automotive Forecast Summary

Final Analysis


Toyota Motor Sales Overview and Thesis

As a learning team attending an introductory Economics course at the University of Phoenix, our group named Team A is required to choose a company then develop macroeconomic forecasts on this organization each week during our five week course. Team A has chosen Toyota Motor Corporation to project this requirement, due to Toyota's diverse role in the economy on global and local levels. The automotive industry is an environment that grows and changes daily due to consumer needs, desires, industry standards and many other factors. This industry impacts and is altered by the United States economy in many ways due to many economic indicators and factors.

To provide an overview of Toyota Motor Sales it is important to start at the beginning when Toyota Motor Corporation brought global business to the United States. Toyota Motor Corporation sold its first imported vehicle in the United States in 1957. Shortly after the first sale was made Toyota began Toyota Motor Sales U. S. A. in Southern California, which is now located in Torrance, California. Toyota Sales was created to function as headquarters for the United States market. As forecasted by visionaries Toyota's entrance in U. S. market would require full time involvement in the United States and was necessary to grow and expand capabilities. Through great achievements, by the 1970's Toyota became the best-selling import brand in America. As the visionaries anticipated, in the 1980's Toyota began manufacturing select vehicles in the United States bringing many jobs...