TQM versus BPR ( operation management)

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In response to business pressures such as globalisation, deregulation and new technology, many companies to undergo reorganization and restructuring in an effort not only to compete but in many cases just to survive. The development and adoption of new business models and the capability to keep pace with the changing manufacturing environment are particularly important to the success of manufacturing business. A manufacturer needs to be able to produce multiple and diverse products, upgrade and redesign its products in short life cycles, and execute efficient production changeovers simultaneously. Facing the pressures from globalisation, particularly in shorter product life cycles and over-supplied manufacturing environments, manufacturers need to provide more value-added services to their customers.

The assignment consist in studying the new approaches to operations and business processes and tools, in order to reflect the way in which organisations are evolving at the beginning of the 21st century.

To proceed I will first introduce the debate concerning organization evolution and the need for new methodologies to provide competitive solutions.

Then I will focuses on two management innovation and change programs: Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Total Quality Management (TQM) . These change management approaches are discussed in chronological order beginning with TQM and then the BPR.

I will finish with a comparison, and a discussion how these methods could improving the performance of operations management.

Artists and poets create theirs works in response to the time in which they lives, wars emerge out of economic and political pressure. Companies change their structures in response to the need to follow their customers overseas, for instance. Therefore, to better understand the Operation Management in organisation today, it's necessary to understand first how companies themselves are changing and the trend that are causing these change to occur. Perhaps the most important is that organisations...