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MY TRADITION It was Christmas Eve day and I was so hyped up I couldn't stay still. I could smell the apple cider and the bubble bread my mom was making. Tonight is the night the Weldon's are coming over.

Every Christmas Eve my family and I go to church, it is always exciting to see my friends and to celebrate Jesus' birthday. We sing worship songs, talk about how we are so excised for Christmas. There are a lot of candles. Finally when the candles are done burning and the service my friends and I go around to every seat and pick off all the wax that fell off the candles.

After my family and I get home from church. The Weldon's come over. First we exchange gifts, however, every year we always get Chinese food, and that is extremely good. Finally after eating we play around and do things like in my room or play board games.

When the Weldon's go home it is always sad. We say good by and they leave. Then we get ready for bed and go to sleep.

The next morning we get up early because it is Christmas. We open presents and eat. We go through the Christmas day and have a lot of joyful times and have fun with our presents. Then the end of the day comes. I am always sad then. My mom and dad always say, "There will always be next year".