Tragic Hero

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Tragic Hero Tragedy seems to be everywhere, no matter what time or place it is. In fact, tragedy is what makes up the world we live in today. It keeps good balance in the world, because without tragedy the whole world would not know what crying, fear, or sadness really is. A tragic hero is a "man in super armor saving everyone," but rather the character that gets changed the most in real life or a make-believe play. The tragic hero (as mentioned in Aristotle's Poetics) evoke pity and fear in the reader, suffers misfortunes, emphasizes reversal, and shows recognition. In Sophocle's Antigone, a family is cursed throughout generation after generation by the god Apollo. Many ill things fall on their loved ones and that family lives through a life of being cursed. Creon, the current king, suffers the most in this play. He comes to realizations and affects many others all throughout the play.

Many people would say that Antigone was the tragic hero, however she really hasn't accomplished much, neither to herself or any other character in the play. Antigone does do many dramatic things but Creon affects the play much more. Creon knows he is destined to live cursed, because his whole family was, so why try to change that? He tries his best to get things organized, after losing his whole family, he is the only one left. At the end Creon finally does come to the realizations that what he is doing is wrong. Creon is definitely the tragic hero in Antigone.