Transparency in Corporate Governance

Essay by Yates Phyllis November 2009

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Transparency is imperative with respect to corporate governance due to the crucial nature of reporting financial information to maintaining investor and consumer confidence. The lack of devotion to corporate governance policies will send the message that the company is unbalanced and the leadership is not incorporating the highest level of integrity with change initiatives. The importance of integrating financial reporting, auditing processes, developing clearly outlined information on the roles of the CEO and board of directors is part of the transparency philosophy that can impact any organization. McBride Financial Services must develop and implement a corporate governance system that will not only satisfy the organizational objectives, but also the stakeholders as well.

In order for Hugh McBride, the CEO of McBride Financial Services, to alleviate potential problems a well thought out plan needs to be implemented to sustain the business for longer-term with capabilities of becoming financially stronger. The leadership within an organization has to maintain a corporate culture that integrates ethical decision making approaches to stick to corporate governance rules. Additionally sustaining a balance of power between the executive management including the CEO and the board of directors is crucial for reinforcement of stability in the corporation.

Ensuring that corporate governance is being included in all procedures at McBride Financial Services, Hugh McBride has to set the tone by ensuring that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is being upheld, which can be interpreted by stakeholders as strength and stability of the corporation. Because publically held companies have to comply with this law, ensuring that his executive management has a thorough knowledge of this mandate and other governmental regulations can avoid problems with compliance.

McBride Financial needs to incorporate business practices that are at the highest level of corporate governance conformity. The issue of not adhering to corporate governance regulations...