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In this harsh world, everyone has their own tree and the branches of each tree represents a variety of meanings and the different lessons that people learn in their lifetime. Such is the case in the four literatures we studied: Raisin in the Sun, Almost a Woman, The Pearl, and The Learning Tree. However, just like the branches of two trees are not exactly alike, the characters in these literatures and the lessons that they learned are different and unique in their own way.

In Raisin in the Sun, Walter Lee Younger was the 'learning tree'. He learned two very important lessons in the course of the story. The first lesson he learned was that he could only trust himself in life, and he learned this lesson when he was cheated by Willy Harris, who ran off with his money. This was a very important lesson that Walter Lee learned and it was definitely one of the biggest branches in Walter Lee's 'learning tree'.

The other important lesson Walter learned was that his family was what truly mattered to him. When Walter Lee lost all the money, his family still loved him enough to forgive him, and supported him even after it was all Walter's fault. This was the second biggest branch in Walter's learning tree, and I personally think that it was very significant and made a great impact in Walter Lee's life.

The second literature we studied was Almost a Woman, the story of Esmaralda Santiago. Negi's 'learning tree', I think was a lot different from any of the other characters in the literatures we studied. I think that one of the lessons that Negi learned was the problem with assimilation and people should just be like themselves. These branches go together in Negi's learning...