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Zagreb is a capital of Croatia, an independent state of ex Yugoslavia, since 1991. Since that time, many things are different more-less because of the political system that aims joining Croatia to European Community, rather then staying in the community of a little Balkan ex Yugoslavian countries. Some ex Zagreb or ex Yugoslavian population are rather sarcastic while talking about Zagreb today, referring to Zagreb population as a "poor little Vienna's provincials". However, many ex Yugoslavs know perfectly well that Zagreb population has its own flair ever since early days of ex Yugoslavia, no matter of the recent Balkan civil war. As someone who considers herself as ex Yugoslavian, I do remember this Zagreb flair in 80s. For example, in 70s and 80s Zagreb Town publisher have been publishing the best comic book ever, (called Alan Ford) that was, 30 years ago with its ironic content and with rather characteristic black humor, illustrating comic tragic social and political lifestyle downfall of the time in 90s, on Balkan (without even mentioning civil war).

I also remember many other things, characteristic only for Zagreb people (not necessary good or bad).


Nowadays, with a population of one million, Zagreb is the capital of a newly self-confident nation of Croats (with other nationalities as the minority). Zagreb City has a good museums and a vibrant nightlife, for a quality spent few days or weeks.

Many of Zagreb population visit Italy and Austria for shopping purposes, so don't get too exciting when shopping concerns (and its not that cheap). The language spoken is Croatian though most of the young people speak English or German. Entire center of the city, which is most attractive to see, is possible to be seen if you take tram/buss and take a ride for about...