The Trojan War

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"The Trojan War"




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The purpose of this project is to explain how the Trojan War came about and explain its role in the downfall of the City of Troy. Although this project does contain mythological components such as Zeus and Hera, one must consider that in the time Before Christ, many people believed greatly in the influence of gods and goddesses.

The model of the Trojan horse is to stimulate a replica of what the actual horse looked like.

Has one ever heard of the fall of the great city of Troy? Or even heard about the mighty warriors and princes such as Achilles from Greece or Hector from Troy? These two people are just a part of the major Trojan War. There have been many wars in the past, but the Trojan War was unlike any other.

The Trojan War brought many mythological gods and goddesses into the war. Why was this war so important? How did this war begin? Who fought on each side of the war? All these questions come to mind when a person thinks of a major war, and it all will be explained here.

The Trojan War was a war between the Trojans and the Greeks around 1100BC. Prince Paris of Troy abducted Helen of Greece. Helen was the wife of Menelaus. Menelaus didn't appeal to this and demanded that Paris return Helen to him immediately. Paris didn't agree to this. He kept Helen for himself and that angered King Menelaus. Menelaus invited all the kings in the region to the city of Greece and proposed an offer of bringing down the walls of Troy for return of Helen. This was...