Truth And Community

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"Truth is that to which community ultimately settles down. Analyze and evaluate this claim" What is the truth? Is it facts? Is it an opinion agreed upon by the community in order to fit specific moral or religious values? Is it something that is just accepted as fact? What most people believe is truth, is a belief agreed upon by the community, which is a group of people that interact amongst themselves. An argument that can arise is whether truth can be found through the use of science or can it only be reached through divine intervention. Since the community is obviously not settled down, then truth still has not been found.

Truth, if what scientists discover is in fact truth, then it has several barriers it must cross, among it are language, ethics, perception, and emotion. For example, Darwin was able to prove that evolved from other species, however, first he had to convey his message in words so that people could understand what he was saying, then, people's ethics, or moral beliefs stirred up their emotions, which distorted their perception, eventually blinding them from the truth.

Your beliefs act like the blinders, allowing you to see only in front of you. Not only do the blinders stop you from accepting opposing ideas, the completely stop you from being able to see outside of their perimeter. The people who truly succeed in life are the ones that understand that there is a world outside of their blinders and work on removing them. A blinder that is event in this community is that only the Muslim religion is correct, therefore the Islamic fundamentalists refuse to listen to anything opposed to their beliefs, ruining their struggle to achieve truth. "Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it"...