TV Impact On Children

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The Impact Television has on our ChildrenTV seems to be one of America's favorite past times. A lot of people try to keep away from the television set, but can never quite get away. It is as though what is sitting in everyone's living rooms is taking over. It is making adults, and children, all over the country turn to television watching instead of other, more productive activities.

Most of all, it is the children who are being hit with non-stop TV watching. Most of the children today are home alone after school with parents who work until evening. This gives kids the chance to watch what they want to watch. Most the time, kids tend to watch what there parents wouldn't allow. They tend to turn the channel to shows that use bad language, are violent, and have strong sexual content and nudity. Young children are being introduced to a variety of things that are having an impact.

These impacts on the immature minds result negatively for these kids.

The biggest impact TV is having on children is language. Kids are learning from television. What they hear their favorite show saying is going to influence the things that they will say. For example, when a kid is watching a movie on TV and the actor starts cursing to get a point across strongly, then this leads to the children cursing as well so people will listen. Some other shows use cursing as comedy. They set the tone in a way, which will make an older adult laugh and a little kid repeat it.

Violence seen on TV also has an impact on children. After a kid watches Jacki Chan karate chop a guy for doing something wrong, then the next thing they will do when they don't get...