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TV Nation Towering from their podiums, Bush and Gore stand their ground as they answered the arsenal of political questions presented. Gore, quick to answer every time, displays to the public a sense of determination and intuitiveness only a man ready to lead would. Sadly though, he made a vital mistake. Gore wore a blue tie when Bush knew to where a red one. being no dummy, we as the public all know that a real leader whereas a power tie such as red. Bush my not have a lot of solid answers but he shirr looks like an authority on TV with that beautiful tie presenting him as "smart, conning, and by God powerful!" This might have been Gore's poorest judgment call, even though he made a lot of sense with what he was saying. The public needs a leader that is smart, and looks good on TV. By the end of the election it is no wonder that Bush won.

He was simply the best looking in the media's eyes. Unfortunately this is not far from the reality of this year's election. As the public was captured by which man seemed to love his wife more on TV, most missed the importance of the issues at hand. Some people called this the 'feminization' of our media, personally for a while now it would be a stronger argument to say that TV is the 'dummyfication' of our important political business. Taking a look at the history of TV, more examples and the effect it has had, it's safe to say that TV has destroyed how we conduct our important matters.

It used to be that people used societal "junk" as a means to get away from the important stuff. In the 30's during the Great Depression people were...