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Typical Teenager Meg is a typical teenager who makes many changes in the course of Madeleine L'Engle's, A Wrinkle in Time. At first she is insecure, angry, impatient, dependent, and has a lack of self-confidence despite her considerable abilities. As she matures, she learns a great deal about her supposed weaknesses that later become strengths and help her to become more self-reliant and responsible for her own problems. Meg uses her impatience, lack of respect for authority, and anger to help her fight and grow throughout the story. These faults help her find her inner strengths and become more self-reliant, and willing to deal with her own problems.

From the beginning, Meg is a somewhat dependent person. She never wants to face a situation by herself; she needs to have someone there holding her hand and walking her through her troubles. For example, when she is first brought to see the black thing and has to be tessered there, "She was completely alone.

She had lost the protection of Calvin's hand. Charles was nowhere, either to save or turn to"(50). She always needs someone to hold her hand and comfort her whenever trouble arrives, or when she is scared of what is going on. I think these are the acts of a typical teenager who is not ready for the world, but thinks they are until they are faced with reality. Breaking away from this need for security from her brother, father and Calvin is a hard battle to overcome, but soon Meg learns that her so-called fault of impatience helps her to move forward and be more independent. One time, when they are on their way to the Central Intelligence building and Calvin and Charles want to make stops along the way, Meg says " "˜Come on.'...