The Unconscious And Conscious Mind

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It would be safe to say that in society today many people are searching for a real grasp or understanding of events that take place within their distinctly specific lives. As you turn on the tv, you find a number of tarot card readers and psychics supposedly rationalizing and bringing an understanding to the unknown. As well as individuals who actually instill faith in these interpreters and supposedly benefit from the answers received. After reviewing the desperate actions taken by these individuals, led me to understand more fully that mankind despite there numerous accomplishments, theories, and proven facts are really at awe, and literally confused with the real understanding of life. Within our society just like the tarot card readers and the psychics there are also those that conceive a depiction of life through the interpretation of dreams, which I would probably find a little more believable.

Elaborating on this aspect of the interpretation of dreams was originally organized by Sigmund Freud, a Jewish graduate of medicine who divided the parts into two different aspects in relation to the unconscious mind.

These two parts consist of the real and actual preconscious, and the personal unconscious mind. There was also another contributor to the theory by the name of Carl Jung who exemplified a third aspect called the collective unconscious(pg27and30 Fiero). In a Nov. 14, 2000 A Dreams Journal taken from Dreams on web "The dream and the unconscious mind" the writer states "A first step to the understanding of a dream is to recognize that it may come from various levels of the unconscious mind." As stated before there is a preconscious and a personal conscious. In the preconscious the writer explains it to be a series of events that occurred during awakening hours that reoccur during sleep. Another...