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white bay power station ADAPTIVE REUSE Location White bay power station is located approximately 4 km west of Sydney CBD. The site is bounded to the south by Victoria road and to the west by Robert Street, Rozelle. It is situated adjacent to a small inlet of Sydney Harbour.

The site was selected for the power station as it was conveniently situated to rail and tramlines and also the shipping facilities. Rozelle Bay and White Bay provided cooling water for the power station's operations.

The history of the site As Sydney's tramways expanded, their power sources changed from horses to steam, to cable, to finally electric traction (1899). Ultimo power station was built to supply the power to tram ways. It came into service in December 1889. Soon after, in 1904 the Sydney Municipal Council's Pyrmont Power Station was commissioned. Pyrmont supplied street lighting to an expanding private clientele.

Balmain Power Station commenced operation in 1909.This was built by a private company, the Balmain Electric Light and Power Supply Corporation.

Construction of White Bay Power Station commenced in 1912. At this time the Railway commissioners metropolitan electric power supply provided for the traction current for the Sydney's tramways, the railway and tram workshop and part of city's lighting load and other government departments (eg sewerage, swing bridges e.t.c.).

White Bay Power Station came into existence in 1913. At this stage the buildings had been completed but most of the plant has yet to be established. In 1925 the proposed electrification of Suburban Railways heralded an increase in demand to be placed on the system. White Bay was extended with new installations and was changed to the British standards in terms of the electric power supply norms.

The site has not been used for active power generation from 1984.