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MOM IN THE JACUZZI It was not until I read my first erotic story about mothers and sons, that my Mom became my object of desire. I cannot describe my Mother as a sex goddess. She is the typical forty-something, with brown hair and eyes, about five foot and two inches tall, and weights 130 lbs. Mom just oozes motherhood. Her one enduring physical quality is her big breast. They're not large. They're just really nice.

So now every son's dilemma, how do you seduce your mother? I kept a small collection of magazines about family encounters to fuel my imagination and to help plan the ultimate seduction. I fantasized about many scenarios with my Mom, but one of my biggest fears was that my Mom or Dad would find the magazines. Fortunately, as an only child, I was spoiled with a large bedroom and bath in the full-basement of my parent's ranch style home.

I had plenty of privacy, which is important to a college student living at home. The only draw back was that the laundry room was located between my room and the bath, and about three times a week, I had to endure my Mom doing laundry, while I tried to sleep.

After four years of fantasizing, opportunity knocked. I was standing in the middle of our living room, massaging Mom's shoulders, while talking with both my parents. Nothing erotic about the massage, it was just a chance for me to touch my Mother. I mentioned that Mom should get in the Jacuzzi. I said, that I had not been in the tub for months, and I asked Dad if the water was ready. He replied that the tub was clean and ready for use. My Mom then said, that she got into the tub every...